Monday, August 15, 2011

Learn how you can deliver value to your customers…

Deliver value to your customers by bringing CCM to life, in what you do every day.

Five personal truths to help you embrace the vision and live it every day.

1. Talk to your customers like you know them personally.
2. Make every message personally relevant.
3. Communicate with customers the way they prefer—web, text, email, mail.
4. Learn from every customer interaction so the next message builds on the personal relationship.
5. Make sure essential communications are personalized, accurate, secure and on time, every time.

What loyal customers are looking for in a product / brand.

1. Loyalty starts with the basics and a brand’s ability to deliver on its promise.
2. Customers want the brands they choose to be open and honest.
3. Loyalty can be built by rewarding customers.
- Remember: Different customer groups want very different rewards.
4. Brands that succeed demonstrate relevance to people as they move through the different stages of life.

Be true, be honest, surprise me, teach me new things, give me feedback, and be consistent.

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