Monday, October 17, 2011

Trend - Realtime Sites

You no longer need to wait months to get a web presence.

At Trend Empowered Marketing, we can get your site up and running in days. This is a fully functioning site, including web Pages, Facebook, Twitter, web traffic tracking, QRCodes, Mobile and an interactive blog site wired for social media. Your site can even be modified from your smart phone

Gone are the days where you have to play phone tag and wait weeks for website changes. You have the keys to your site, we will show you how to login to easy to use tools and make the changes. So if in the middle of the night you want to update that product photo, you can get it done in minutes, and sleep easy.

We are leveraging many open source "Free" tools and resources.
> This keeps your costs down, while making your presence known.

Information over-supply and customers’ short attention spans have created the demand for a new set of tools.
> Who wants to be forced to watch a cool flash intro screen or video?
>> Which does not work on an iPad or iPhone (70+million people).
> Who has the time to wast? 

> Everything on your site must have a purpose.

You want people go to your site for information, and to buy your products, not to be entertained. If your site is about selling, get them to your products. When people want to waist my time, they can go to uTube (plenty of free videos).

On the web, your customers are drowning in a sea of undifferentiated, unfiltered information.

We believe you now need tools and services that make it easy for them to find, filter, aggregate, and curate, targeted content that will appeal to your audiences. That’s where we come in to the picture, welcome to 
Trend Empowered Marketing ( It’s all about real-time marketing.

What keeps you up at night?

Be seen! Be heard! Get going!

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